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Best Apple Deals of the Week: Save up to $250 on Apple Gear

If you’re looking to purchase new gear, you can save a lot of money on several Apple products this weekend, including the iPad Pro, iPad Air 5, MacB...
22-05-2022 19:36

Apple Mixed Reality Headset Won?t Focus on Gaming; Jony Ive

Earlier this week, The Information shared a report cataloging the difficulties Apple engineers and designers faced while developing the rumored mixed ...
21-05-2022 19:40

Analyst Claims 27-Inch Mini-LED Apple External Display Launc

According to Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) analyst Ross Young, Apple’s efforts to develop a new 27-inch display with mini-LED technology h...
20-05-2022 19:37

Apple Board Gets Hands-on with Mixed Reality Headset; Sugges

A report earlier this week gave us an inside look at the numerous challenges product designers and engineers faced developing the mixed reality headse...
20-05-2022 19:37

This iPhone eSIM Bug Deactivates iMessage and FaceTime for T

iPhone users reliant on T-Mobile’s cellular service are reportedly facing a bug related to the onboard eSIM. It causes iMessage and FaceTime to get ...
20-05-2022 19:37

Audi Integrates Apple Music Directly into the Infotainment S

In an announcement today, luxury carmaker Audi made it clear that almost all its new 2022 models will sport Apple Music integration on the infotainmen...
19-05-2022 19:52

Video: Apple Shares Unique New iPhone Privacy Ad

Apple spares no opportunity to reiterate that the iPhone is a privacy-focused product. The company’s latest advertisement uploaded to YouTube revisi...
19-05-2022 19:52

Fortnite Is Finally Playable on iPhone via NVIDIA?s GeForce

After several months of beta testing, NVIDIA has announced that GeForce NOW subscribers will soon be able to play the popular battle royale title Fort...
19-05-2022 19:52

Apple Supplier TSMC Could Establish Production Facility in S

Amid the ongoing global chip shortage and issues in its home country Taiwan, the world’s leading chip foundry TSMC is exploring the possibility of e...
19-05-2022 19:52

Apple Staffers Explain the Challenges in the Development of

Since development efforts commenced in 2015, Apple’s mixed reality headset has faced numerous challenges and difficulties. In a detailed report cata...
18-05-2022 19:55

Apple Watch Series 8 Could Feature a New Design Which Leaked

In the days leading up to the Apple Watch Series 7’s launch, renders of an upcoming Apple Watch with sharp edges were leaked. After the wearable’s...
18-05-2022 19:55

iOS 15.6 and iPadOS 15.6 Beta Download Available Now

Apple today released the first beta of iOS 15.6 and iPadOS 15.6 to developers. This is the first beta release from Apple after releasing iOS 15.5 to t...
18-05-2022 19:55

App Store Developers Won?t Need User Consent before Auto-Ren

On May 16, Apple silently informed developers of a new subscription feature through which customers will automatically be charged when an app’s subs...
17-05-2022 19:37

iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 Download Available Now

After several months of testing, Apple has released stable versions of iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5. It was preceded by the Release Candidate build last w...
17-05-2022 19:37

Apple Testing E-Ink Displays for Upcoming Foldable Device: K

According to reputed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the company is testing e-ink displays such as those found on Amazon’s Kindle ebook readers. The Cup...
17-05-2022 19:37

iOS 16 Public Beta Could Be Delayed This Year: Gurman

Today, Apple finally released the stable builds of iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5, packing over 30 security fixes and minor feature improvements. While we e...
17-05-2022 19:37

Apple Showcases Upcoming Machine Learning-Powered Accessibil

To commemorate Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Apple showcased some new accessibility features which will be available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watc...
17-05-2022 19:37

Apple Is Testing iPhone?s New Tap to Pay Feature at Apple Pa

In February, Apple announced a new Tap to Pay feature that would allow any iPhone to function as a contactless payment terminal. The feature is being ...
16-05-2022 20:00

Best Apple Deals of the Week: Save up to $449 on Apple Gear

You can save a lot of money on several Apple products this weekend, including the iPad Pro, iPad Air 5, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch Series 7, and AirPods...
15-05-2022 19:33

Apple Could Launch a Cheaper Apple TV Later This Year: Kuo

Reputed Tianfeng International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo took to Twitter on Friday to claim that Apple will launch a cheaper variant of the Appl...
14-05-2022 19:33

Apple Testing USB-C iPhones That Could Launch as Soon as 202

Ardent Apple fans and consumer technology experts have longed for USB-C iPhones, but Apple hasn’t ditched the Lightning port yet. A new report sugge...
13-05-2022 19:39

Tony Fadell Reveals That Steve Jobs Wanted the Original iPho

Every now and then, we hear rumors about Apple’s plans to eventually make the iPhone portless and transition to using only eSIMs. A recent interview...
13-05-2022 19:39

iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 Release Candidate Download Availabl

Apple has seeded the release candidate versions of iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 to developers after releasing the fourth beta last week. The upcoming poin...
13-05-2022 19:39

Elon Musk Says the $44 Billion Twitter Deal Is ‘on Hol

Elon Musk’s internet popularity gathered steam once again after Twitter accepted his offer to buy the company for $44 billion and take it private. I...
13-05-2022 19:39

Google I/O 2022 Roundup: All the Important Announcements

Even if you aren’t a fan, Google’s annual developer conference called Google I/O usually packs several important hardware and software-related ann...
13-05-2022 19:39

Data Suggests Most iOS 15 Users Turn off Personalized Ads; S

With the iOS 15 update, Apple made a fundamental change. In the iPhone and iPad setup process, it added an option to turn off targeted advertising in ...
12-05-2022 19:32

Ookla?s iPhone App Finally Gets Speedtest Maps to Assess Cel

Internet connection performance assessment service Ookla?s Android app had a feature that showed you how different mobile carriers perform in your geo...
12-05-2022 19:32

USB-C iPhone in the Pipeline for 2023 Launch: Kuo

Apple continues to stick to its Lightning connector on the iPhone while a majority of the world?s devices have gracefully transitioned to USB-C. Howev...
11-05-2022 19:35

Apple Announces the End of iPod Range after 21 Years

Apple has finally announced the demise of the ?iPod? brand. The last surviving iPod model, the iPod touch, has officially been discontinued. The produ...
11-05-2022 19:35

EU Law Mandating CSAM Detection Could Spell Trouble for Appl

When it announced plans to scan iPhones for child sexual abuse material (CSAM), Apple stirred up controversy. Although its plans were suspended after ...
11-05-2022 19:35

Video: Robotics Engineer Replaces AirPods? Lightning Port wi

Robotics engineer Ken Pillonel shot to fame in the Apple enthusiast community for equipping an iPhone with a USB-C port, a feat the billion-dollar com...
11-05-2022 19:35

Data Suggests iPhone 13 Series Is Apple?s Least Depreciating

According to recently released data, the iPhone 13 has retained its resale value better than rival flagship smartphones launched around the same time....
10-05-2022 19:31

Apple Working on Thinner OLED Panels Lacking Polarizer Layer

A new supply chain report from Korea suggests Apple is developing thinner OLED displays that could be used to make a foldable smartphone in the future...
10-05-2022 19:31

How To Change the Login Password on Your Mac

There are times when you need to change the login password on your Mac. One of the main reasons why you need to do this is to revamp the security of y...
10-05-2022 19:31

Adobe Announces Major Updates to Fresco and Photoshop for iP

iPads have been the hot favorite among professionals and creators for getting work done on the go. Today, Adobe announced a significant update to the ...
10-05-2022 19:31

AirTag Reunites Australian Photographer with $7,000 Worth of

Since its inception, Apple?s $30 AirTag has proven to be a lifesaver for several people trying to locate their prized possessions. The object tracker ...
09-05-2022 19:37

Apple CarPlay Is Missing on Several BMWs Delivered to Custom

The longstanding global chip shortage took its toll on Apple, but it appears to have taken a more brutal toll on the automotive industry. Reputed Germ...
09-05-2022 19:37

Best Apple Deals of the Week: Save up to $250 on Mother̵

You can save a lot of money on several Apple products this weekend, including the iPad Pro, iPad Air 5, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch Series 7, and AirPods...
07-05-2022 19:38

Apple Patents iPad Accessory That Could Transform Tablet int

A new patent filed by Apple suggests that in the future, an iPad or its operating system could transform the tablet?s user experience into that of a M...
07-05-2022 19:38

Apple Acknowledges ?Phantom? AirTag Stalking Alerts, Shares

Despite initial security concerns, Apple?s AirTag has turned into a reliable object tracker, thanks to Apple?s constant efforts to prevent unwanted tr...
07-05-2022 19:38

How to Get Started with Message Reactions on WhatsApp for iP

WhatsApp has been testing several new features. After several months of anticipation, it has launched the Message Reactions option for iPhone and Andr...
06-05-2022 19:35

Apple Could Attract Daily Fines Worth 5 Percent of Its Annua

Previous reports suggested that the British antitrust authority, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), won?t be able to regulate Big Tech firms...
06-05-2022 19:35

How to Set Sleep and Wake Settings On A Mac

The sleep and wake settings on your Mac were made to help conserve your computer’s battery life. If you have sleep and wake set to never sleep, your...
06-05-2022 19:35

Copying And Pasting On A Mac: A Guide For Mac Users

Copying and pasting text or other content on a Mac is simple and straightforward. There are instances when you need to copy and paste content from one...
06-05-2022 19:35

Former HR Exec Explains How Apple Transitioned from Secrecy

  A former Apple HR executive has revealed how the AirPods Pro was developed as a result of increased transparency while sharing information among em...
06-05-2022 19:35

Google Could Soon Launch ‘Pixel Buds Pro’ to Tak

Google could soon launch an AirPods Pro competitor in the form of the ?Pixel Buds Pro.? A new leak suggests Google?s upcoming in-ear true-wireless ear...
06-05-2022 19:35

How to Check and Free Up Storage on a Mac Computer

Are you running out of storage on your Mac computer" This can be a frustrating problem to deal with, especially if you don’t know how to fix it. To ...
06-05-2022 19:35

Apple Stops Accepting Credit and Debit Card Payment Methods

Apple no longer accepts card payment methods in India. As a result, customers in the country will not be able to use their credit or debit cards to ma...
06-05-2022 19:35

Meta Blames Apple’s App Tracking Transparency for Hind

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has officially announced a plan to reduce hiring efforts for the remainder of the year. It says Apple?s app tracking...
05-05-2022 19:31

How To Use The Safe Boot Option On A Mac: A Comprehensive Gu

If your Mac is acting up and you’re not sure what to do, the safe boot option may be a good place to start. Safe boot mode starts your Mac up in a v...
05-05-2022 19:31

Apple Will Soon Extend Support for FIDO Passwordless Authent

Big Tech companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Apple, have announced plans to expand support for the FIDO Standard. The FIDO Alliance is an open...
05-05-2022 19:31

How To Use A USB Flash Drive To Create An Emergency Mac OS B

There may come a time when you need to boot your Mac computer into emergency mode. Maybe your system has crashed and will not start up, or maybe you n...
05-05-2022 19:31

Intel ?Meteor Lake? CPUs Could Share TSMC?s 5nm Process with

According to a supply chain report, Intel is deliberating manufacturing its 14th Gen Core ?Meteor Lake? CPUs partly using TSMC?s 5nm process node on w...
05-05-2022 19:31

How To Add A Printer To Your Mac: A Comprehensive Guide

Adding a printer to your Mac is a very simple process but can be confusing if you have never done it before. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk...
04-05-2022 19:39

Apple Launches Longer 3-Meter Thunderbolt 4 Pro Cable for St

Apple may not have launched a USB-C iPhone yet, but it has launched a new 3-meter long Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable for hooking a Mac with thunderbolt port...
04-05-2022 19:39

‘Twitter Circle’ Allows Some Users to Share Twee

Twitter is one of the social media platforms where you can either address all your followers with a tweet or keep your thoughts to yourself and contin...
04-05-2022 19:39

Video: Apple Shares a ‘Behind the Mac’ Film to C

Apple has shared a new “Behind the Mac” film to celebrate May 4th, also known as Star Wars Day. The video details how Skywalker Sound uses Macs to...
04-05-2022 19:39

How to Use AirPlay from a Mac to a Smart TV: A Comprehensive

Do you want to be able to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on a bigger screen" If so, AirPlay from your Mac to a Smart TV is the perfect soluti...
04-05-2022 19:39

How To Add A Folder To The Favorites In Mac Finder: A Step-b

If you’re like most computer users, you probably use the Finder to manage your files. The Finder is a great tool, but it can be even better if you a...
04-05-2022 19:39

BOE Halts iPhone Display Production after Making Unexpected

According to a new supply chain report, Apple has virtually severed ties with Chinese display panel manufacturer BOE. The supplier made a change to th...
04-05-2022 19:39

Veteran Ford Staffer Resigns as Director of Automotive Safet

According to a recent report, a Ford staffer for 31 years, Desi Ujkashevic, has parted ways with the American automaker to start working with Apple on...
04-05-2022 19:39

WWDC 2022 Guests Chosen Via Raffle Will be the First to Visi

Last month, Apple sent out invites for its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2022. Like previous iterations in the wake of the pandemic, this year...
04-05-2022 19:39

iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 2 Earn a Spot on Apple?s Vintage Pr

After five years of being unavailable for purchase as new units, the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 2 have earned their place on Apple?s list of vintage and...
03-05-2022 19:37

Apple Drags Startup to Court for Stealing Trade Secrets thro

Apple has filed a lawsuit against a self-professed ?start-up in stealth mode? called Rivos. The company allegedly hired several senior Apple staffers ...
03-05-2022 19:37

Telegram Is Beta Testing a Premium Subscription for Its iPho

Popular instant messaging service Telegram has been dabbling with monetization strategies recently. A Telegram Premium subscription service could soon...
03-05-2022 19:37

Edge Dethrones Safari as World’s Second Most Popular B

Google Chrome continues to top the charts as the world?s most popular web browser on desktop, but we saw it coming, and a recent analysis suggests Mic...
03-05-2022 19:37

Video: ?iPhone Studio? Concept Envisions Unique Intermixture

  A new design concept entitled ?iPhone Studio? attempts to give the iPhone a Mac Studio-esque makeover. Created by concept designer Antonio de Rosa,...
03-05-2022 19:37

EU Preliminary Ruling Says Apple Abused Apple Pay?s Market D

The European Union competition commission has slapped Apple with an official Statement of Objections over its tight control of Apple Pay. The document...
03-05-2022 19:37

iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 Beta 4 Download Available Now

Apple has seeded the fourth beta of iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 to developers after releasing the third beta last week. The upcoming point release of iOS...
03-05-2022 19:37

iPadOS 16 Wishlist: The Top Features We Want to See

Everyone expected a significant redesign and feature boost to iPads with the iPadOS 15 update last year. The improvements were minimal at best, and no...
02-05-2022 19:36

Dutch Market Regulator Terms Apple?s Actions ?Insufficient?

Apple was fined 10 times by the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) in the Netherlands earlier this year over a span of several weeks. The marke...
02-05-2022 19:36

Best Apple Deals of the Week: Save up to $400 on Apple Gear

You can save a lot of money on several Apple products this weekend, including the iPad Pro, new iPad Air 5, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch Series 7, and Air...
01-05-2022 19:59

How to Use Your iPhone as Mouse for Your Mac

Your iPhone can do much more than just the basics like controlling smart home devices, snapping photos, and playing music. It can also double up as a ...
01-05-2022 19:59

How to Easily Remove Objects from Photos on iPhone

How many times have unwanted objects ruined your near-perfect iPhone shots" Though you can take the focus away from distracting elements using Portrai...
01-05-2022 19:59

Qualcomm CEO Suggests Company?s ARM-Based Apple M1 Rival Cou

When Apple announced the M1 chip and its plan to transition from Intel processors to its own ARM-based silicon, popular smartphone chipmaker Qualcomm ...
30-04-2022 19:31

Apple Could Expand iCloud Private Relay Functionality With i

Apple introduced iCloud Private Relay as a part of its iCloud+ subscription service at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in 2021. The feature ...
29-04-2022 19:36

Apple Posts $25B Profit on $97.3B Revenue for Q1 2022; Regis

Apple announced its earnings for the second fiscal quarter of 2022, aligning with the year’s first calendar quarter. It posted a revenue of $97.3 bi...
29-04-2022 19:36

Leaked iPhone 14 Panels Substantiate the Possibility of Tall

Several rumors about the iPhone 14 series independently suggest that the product lineup will be the first without a ?mini? model. Additionally, the iP...
29-04-2022 19:36

US Government Initiates Investigation into iOS and App Store

At the behest of the US government?s Department of Commerce, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has launched an inv...
29-04-2022 19:36

Leaked Document Suggests Facebook Is Struggling to Manage Co

Facebook has regularly been under the scanner for privacy concerns stemming from its data handling and advertising practices. A newly leaked documen...
28-04-2022 19:34

Apple Patents Charging Systems and ?One-Way Mirror? for Rumo

We regularly come across rumors and leaks related to Apple?s mixed reality headset. The company has recently been granted new patents by the United ...
28-04-2022 19:34

Should You Save Your iPhone 13 Protective Case for the iPhon

We have come across leaked CAD renders, schematics, and accessory molds of the upcoming iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro in the last few months. However,...
28-04-2022 19:34

YouTuber Converts Old 5K iMac into Fully-Functional Studio D

Users and potential buyers of Apple’s $1,599 Studio Display know that it comes with a 27-inch 5K panel that lacks mini-LED backlighting and ProMot...
28-04-2022 19:34

Google Mimics App Store’s Privacy Labels on Google Pla

Apple introduced privacy labels for listings on the App Store late in 2020. Now, rival Big Tech firm Google has mimicked privacy labels in the form ...
27-04-2022 19:39

Apple Self Service Repair Program Is Now Available but With

Late last year, we reported that Apple would soon give you the tools and spare parts required to repair your iPhone by yourself under the new Self S...
27-04-2022 19:39

New Apple-Funded Study Claims Company Didn?t Benefit Financi

Today, Apple released the findings of a new study that it funded to demonstrate the impact of the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework on the m...
27-04-2022 19:39

Apple Finally Fixes Studio Display?s Disappointing Webcam Qu

When the $1,599 Studio Display launched in March this year, besides the overpriced accessories, the poor webcam quality was one of the biggest gripe...
27-04-2022 19:39

Twitter Accepts Elon Musk?s Offer to Buy the Company for $44

Earlier today, reports suggested that the Twitter board would likely accept Elon Musk?s offer to buy the company outright for $44 million. The compa...
26-04-2022 19:39

Apple Objects to Japanese Antitrust Report Calling for Third

Apple is fighting back against a new Japanese antitrust report that is trying to reduce the dominance of Big Tech firms such as Apple and Google. Th...
26-04-2022 19:39

Apple Reminds Developers to Apply for $100 Million Assistanc

In August last year, Apple settled a class-action suit filed by app developers. It agreed to make some changes to the App Store and pay developers $...
26-04-2022 19:39

iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 Beta 3 Download Available Now

Apple has seeded the third beta of iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 to developers after releasing the second beta last week. The upcoming point release of i...
26-04-2022 19:39

Gurman: iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 Could Sport Satel

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman shares several rumors about the upcoming iPhone 14, iMac, and Apple Watch. He believes...
25-04-2022 19:38

How to Remove Remote Management from iPhone with AnyUnlock

The iPhone’s mobile device management (MDM) restrictions can be troublesome when you leave a school or organization without relevant credentials t...
25-04-2022 19:38

Video: Apple?s New ?Shot on iPhone 13 Pro? Film Shows Off Ci

Apple?s latest ?Shot on iPhone 13 Pro? video called ?Poached? offers a look into a ?war? between two food stalls serving Singapore?s beloved street ...
25-04-2022 19:38

All the iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 Features Based on Leaks and Rum

Apple?s WWDC 2022 conference is fast approaching, and now is the best time to take a quick glance at all the features that the company could include...
25-04-2022 19:38

Apple Seems to Be Purging ?Outdated? Apps from the App Store

Apple appears to have taken a newfound interest in removing applications from the App Store if they are ?outdated or haven?t been updated for ?a sig...
25-04-2022 19:38

The Best iPadOS Multitasking Tips and Tricks to Use Your iPa

Although its nowhere near as powerful as macOS, Apple has put considerable effort into improving multitasking on iPadOS. Let’s glance over the bes...
24-04-2022 19:40

Best Apple Deals of the Week: Huge Savings on Apple Gear Thi

You can save a lot of money on several Apple products this weekend, including the iPad Air 5, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch Series 7, and AirPo...
23-04-2022 19:35

How to Restore Apple Watch Using Your iPhone

Gone are the days when users needed to rush to the nearest Apple Authorised Service Center to get their bricked Apple Watch fixed. Starting with wat...
23-04-2022 19:35

Upcoming EU Ruling Could Mandate Significant Changes to App

A ?working document? of the European Union?s Digital Markets Act (DMA) has leaked. A report suggests the legislation could require Apple to make sig...
23-04-2022 19:35

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