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Use Mail?s advanced junk filter on your Mac

Junk email or spam is a serious problem, cluttering the inbox with dozens of messages from people we don?t know talking about things we have no int...
18-08-2016 19:20

Master Facebook?s privacy settings

Facebook is great for keeping in touch with friends but if there?s one concern associated with the social network, it?s privacy. Contrary to popula...
18-08-2016 19:20

Sort your iPhone’s Notification Centre by time

Being able to receive notifications from various apps has long been a vital feature within iOS, but it has not been without fault. Instead of bein...
18-08-2016 19:20

Convert video formats in QuickTime on your Mac

You may own lots of different devices that are capable of recording video, and these gadgets may well record video in a range of file formats, such...
09-08-2016 19:21

Review: Naim Mu-so Qb

Naim?s Mu-so is a name that resonates quality. Its award-winning, all-in-one wireless speaker system is outstanding and weighs a hefty 13kg at a ...
09-08-2016 19:21

New iPhone for Beginners on sale

With the iOS 10 update on the horizon, those who haven’t yet got up to speed with all the iPhone’s amazing tricks ought to get up to speed with Ap...
04-08-2016 19:20

Add a screensaver password to your Mac

Step away from your Mac for a few moments and you leave it easily accessible to absolutely anyone. Others could view your personal information, delet...
21-07-2016 19:27

Protect your iPhone from advertisers

When we browse online, advertisers use software to track our activity, in order to produce individual profiles that allow them to target you based on ...
21-07-2016 19:27

Stylise images with the Grain effect in Photos on Mac

 It seems a little strange that in an age where cameras offer tens of millions of pixels, advanced sensors and incredible lenses, we often see photo...
20-07-2016 19:21

Securely empty the Trash on your Mac

When files are deleted they are moved to the Trash, and when the Trash is emptied the space they occupied is made free again. However, the files a...
20-07-2016 19:21

Why we’re excited by Swift Playgrounds

By anyone?s standards, coding isn?t exactly easy to get acquainted with ? and even more so for a child. That?s why Apple?s Swift Playgrounds app is a ...
20-07-2016 19:21

On sale now: Apple Watch The Complete Manual

  Wearable technology is fast becoming a popular part of our daily lives, and Apple have revolutionised the market with the Apple Watch. As with ...
23-06-2016 19:20

Get your copy of the new iPad for Beginners today

iPad for Beginners Fifteenth Edition is available now. Packed with helpful hints and tricks to help you master your tablet, this is the perfect guide ...
16-06-2016 19:22

Apple previews iOS 10, the biggest iOS release ever

Apple has previewed iOS 10 at this year’s WWDC, the biggest release ever of the world?s most advanced mobile operating system, featuring a huge upda...
14-06-2016 19:27

Everything you need to know about WWDC 2016

Apple has today announced major updates to its four operating systems ? including the rebranding of OS X as macOS ? at its annual Worldwide Developer ...
14-06-2016 19:27

Apple previews all-new watchOS 3

Apple announced watchOS 3 at WWDC 2016, featuring significantly improved performance with the ability to launch favourite apps instantly, enhanced nav...
14-06-2016 19:27

Apple unveils major update with macOS Sierra

Apple has previewed macOS Sierra at this year’s WWDC in San Francisco, a major update to the world?s most advanced desktop operating system, with ne...
14-06-2016 19:27

Track App Store and iTunes sales with CheapCharts

From time to time, app and entertainment companies like to promote their creative wares with a promotional price-drop. But unless you?ve constantly...
10-06-2016 19:21

Edit incredible black-and-white photos

Black-and-white effects can create some really striking photos; whether they?re heavy on contrast or use greyer palettes fora more mysterious image...
09-06-2016 19:28

Trade in your old iPad 2 and receive £80 towards a new iPad

Storefront is offering £80 towards a brand new iPad or Mac when you trade in your old iPad 2 with your local Apple experts in-store. Stormfront is alw...
27-05-2016 19:21

New MacBook Pros to get OLED display touch bar and Touch ID

Apple is expected to update its MacBook Pro line-up in 2016, and KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the updates represent “the most signif...
26-05-2016 19:22

Apple vs The FBI: what does it mean for your privacy"

As you?ve probably noticed, Apple and the FBI have been involved in an almighty altercation over government access to an iPhone used by suspected ...
28-04-2016 19:17

Issue 159 is out now!

Issue 159 is out now! This month?s special Apple Buyers? Guide asks whether it is time to upgrade your kit. Inside you?ll find a reasoned debate on al...
28-04-2016 19:17

WIN an amazing iPhone book worth £7.99

We pride ourselves at on bringing you the very best in tutorials, news and reviews from the ever changing world of Apple. However,...
26-04-2016 19:20

Apple updates its Retina MacBook range for 2016

Apple has updated its MacBook with the latest Intel processors, improved graphics performance, faster flash storage and an additional hour of battery ...
21-04-2016 19:22

Apple?s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off June 13 in

Apple has announced that it will hold its 27th annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), hosting the creative talent behind the world?s most inno...
21-04-2016 19:22

Get your copy of the new Mac for Beginners today

Mac for Beginners Thirteenth Edition is available now. Packed with helpful hints and tricks to help you master OS X, this is the perfect guide for any...
14-04-2016 19:28

99 iOS 9 secrets!

Issue 158 is out now! This month’s iCreate tells you everything Apple didn’t tell you about iOS 9. We’ve delved deep into the operating system ...
01-04-2016 19:26

Everything you need to know about the iPhone SE

It seems that the world hasn’t given up on 4-inch devices just yet and the new iPhone SE is Apple’s intent on capturing those longing for a smalle...
22-03-2016 19:29

101 ways to secure your Mac!

Issue 157 is out now! This month iCreate presents 101 ways to secure your Mac and keep your beloved machine safe from snoopers, hackers, thieves and ...
03-03-2016 19:32

Create a bespoke loop with Drummer

GarageBand fans will already appreciate the power of its Drummerfeature. Borrowing familiar elements from iOS?s Smart Drums to intelligently generate ...
25-02-2016 19:35

Just Mobile AluDisc review

Whenever a new iMac stand comes on to the market, it usually falls into one of two distinct categories. On the one hand, you can discover stands that ...
24-02-2016 19:55

Add your Twitter feed to Safari

There are a lot of options out there for you to get your social media fix, but keeping track of them all can be a little difficult at times. Hidden aw...
23-02-2016 19:30

Optimise your Mac?s memory

The amount of memory in the Mac has an affect on its performance and the more you have, the better OS X runs. Upgrade the memory if you can, but if no...
19-02-2016 19:27

iMovie?s top ten video effects

Your digital camera is designed to try and automatically capture a scene?s true colours and tones when recording video. However, you may want to creat...
16-02-2016 19:28

Enhance your Mac?s audio output

When it comes to audio, it?s most likely you already think your Mac, or indeed any Apple device, sounds great. But if you want added performance, wher...
15-02-2016 19:28

Remove blemishes with the Repair tool

Not every photo comes out perfect. Of course, taking your time when you?re preparing your shot is the best way to prevent having to embark on an exten...
12-02-2016 19:29

Create custom vocal templates

Vocal-enhancing effects are a simple way of improving the quality of your lead vocals within a GarageBand project. GarageBand does a great job of prov...
11-02-2016 19:26

Remove unwanted files with Dr. Cleaner

There are a plethora of reasons why your Mac might be suffering from slowdown, but there?s even more choice when it comes to fixing these sorts of iss...
08-02-2016 19:32

Get your copy of iPad The Complete Manual now

Still trying to get your head around the intricacies of your new tablet" Wondering whether you’re getting the most out of Apple’s iOS" Then the ne...
04-02-2016 20:08

iCreate 156 is out now!

This month’s issue of iCreate teaches you everything you could possibly want or need to know about iCloud. Our survey told us that more than three-q...
04-02-2016 20:08

Instagram?s ten advanced editing tools

Until last year the words editing and Instagram didn?t go together. You either uploaded your picture with one of the app?s builtin filters or made fin...
03-02-2016 19:31

Use the Piano Roll Editor?s Brush tool

In one form or another, the Piano Roll concept has been around since the early 1900s when the first mechanical Pianola pianos used a system of punched...
03-02-2016 19:31

Learn how to visualise data in Numbers

One of the best things about Numbers is that it?s a great place to manage all your data in a single area without having to use any third-party alterna...
03-02-2016 19:31

Add multiple moves to static footage

To make a statically framed video clip (or still image) look more interesting, you can add digitally produced camera moves such as zooms and pans, usi...
03-02-2016 19:31

Discover Safari?s top ten extensions

One of the best features of Safari is the ease with which you can introduce extra features and functions using extensions. These are tiny add-ons that...
03-02-2016 19:31

Boom 2 review

If you?re a big iTunes user, or perhaps simply enjoy listening to a sprinkling of music on your Mac, then you?ll definitely want to explore some of th...
03-02-2016 19:31

Leef iBridge 32GB review

The longer that you own a smart device, the quicker it always seems to fill up. Apps get larger, bloat builds up and suddenly a storage warning is pop...
03-02-2016 19:31

Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B2 review

Ever looked at a ballpoint pen and dock at a bank or a post office and thought ?this would make a great alternative for a computer mouse?" Probably no...
03-02-2016 19:31

Get shooting advice from place holders

Although you may be new to editing video, you?ll have spent a lifetime consuming the moving image onscreen. This means that you?ll instinctively be ab...
03-02-2016 19:31

Get your copy of the new Mac for Beginners now

Mac for Beginners 12th Edition is out now. Packed with helpful hints and tricks to help you master OS X, this is the perfect guide for anyone looking ...
03-02-2016 19:31

Manage spam & prank calls with a block list

Giving out your phone number can be a risky prospect if it falls into the wrong hands; especially if it turns out spam numbers are targeting your numb...
03-02-2016 19:31

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